Tulsa police believe cold weather contributed to homeless man's death, investigation pending

Tulsa warming shelters open for people who need a place to stay during cold weather

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Tulsa police believe freezing temperatures may have contributed to a homeless man's death.
  • An official cause of death will be named by the medical examiner upon investigation.
  • Every homeless shelter in Tulsa was over capacity Monday night due to the cold weather. The John 3:16 Mission lets in anyone who needs shelter and had 175 more people than they could comfortably hold. Many people slept on mats in the lobby and cafeteria.
  • Organizers there are ordering more mats and blankets for Tuesday night.
  • The mission is working with police to have officers encourage homeless people to come to John 3:16 for shelter from the cold.

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