Tulsa police assist in federal heroin bust tied to Mexican cartel, authorities say

Tulsa police arrest multiple men in connection to suspected heroin ring

TULSA, Okla. — A joint investigation by the DEA, FBI, and Tulsa police led to the arrests of five suspected heroin traffickers Wednesday morning.

Documents show Pablo Soriano-Villareal to be the “cell head” of this specific drug operation which appears to have ties to a Mexican cartel.

Those documents also allege Felix Gil-Cardenas, David Hernandez-Perez and Diego Carrillo-Lopez were working underneath Soriano-Villareal in helping to move large amounts of heroin and money through Tulsa.

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Oscar Delgado-Trujillo was also taken into custody in connection to the operation.

Undercover agents say they have bought more than $6,000 worth of heroin from the group since June.

In that time, they set up a "money pick up" with Soriano-Villareal where he allegedly gave them $70,000 -- reportedly representing profits from the sale of about one kilo of heroin.

All five men were arrested Wednesday morning when officials served search warrants at apartments near 71st and Lewis and 21st and Garnett.

Authorities seized over a kilo of heroin from the apartments while serving the search warrants.

The group appeared in federal court and all five pleaded not guilty.

The case will be presented to a federal grand jury and the U.S. Attorney's Office says the investigation is still ongoing.

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