Tulsa police arrest woman accused of stabbing another woman in eye with butter knife

Woman stabs woman at midtown apartment complex


  • Tulsa police arrested a woman they say stabbed another woman in the eye at the London Square apartments near 61st Street and Lewis Avenue.
  • Police say Ann Pruitt flicked a cigarette onto another woman's car Thursday. The woman got out of the car to ask Pruitt why she did that. Police say Pruitt then grabbed a kitchen butter knife that she had with her and stabbed the victim in the left eye. Pruitt then wandered around the complex holding the knife and aggressed towards another person who she noticed was calling 911.
  • Pruitt is facing two counts of assault with a deadly weapon (non domestic). She is also facing a charge for threatening a violent act because when officers were arresting her, she told officers she wanted to finish the victim off.
  • Police don't know whether Pruitt and the victim knew each other prior to this.

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