• Tulsa police arrest three people living in condemned building, suspected of fraud

    By: Justin Ayer



    • Tulsa police arrested three people living in a condemned building of the Silverwood Apartments in East Tulsa. 
    • One of the suspects, Ira Wilkins-- who police say has felony warrants out-- is one of many people involved in an alleged fraud operation at the complex.
    • Wilkins has just been charged with manufacturing fake checks. Officers found Wilkins as they were responding to a stolen car call, which he is also allegedly responsible for. While officers were at the complex, they found fraudulent checks, a printer, a scanner, a computer and stolen mail. Police say the squatters were trying to find ways to get money by manufacturing things. 
    • Police are making sure all power and natural gas is shut off in the condemned parts of the apartment complex. Anybody who is seen in the condemned portions of the complex from here on out will go to jail for trespassing.
    • This is the same area where three dead German shepherd puppies were found dumped in a barrel Tuesday.

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