Tulsa Police arrest man accused of robbing Food Mart

TULSA, Okla. — The Tulsa Police Department (TPD) has arrested a man accused of robbing a west Tulsa store.

On Jan. 7, a man robbed the Food Mart near W. 23rd St. and S. Jackson Avenue.

TPD said that man was identified as Kent Grayson. A warrant was later put out for his arrest.

On Jan. 25, TPD said they spotted Grayson at a convenience store near W. 15th St. and S. Denver Avenue.

TPD said officers “swooped in and took Grayson in custody.”

The man who owns the store that was robbed recently moved to Tulsa from Dubai. He said the robbery hurt his family business.

“They don’t know how hard it is to support your family, feed your family, pay your bills,” the owner said.