Tulsa police arrest mother in deadly child abuse case

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa police arrested the mother in a deadly child abuse case.

On Saturday, Tulsa police arrested Zachary Collins, 24,  for allegedly causing serious injuries to a toddler that ultimately killed the child.

Police arrested Dasia Dickenson, the child's mother, on Thursday. She faces one count of permitting child abuse and two counts of child neglect.

According to the arrest report, Collins admitted to the act and said he slammed the toddler's head into the wall.

Officials said Collins watched over three of his girlfriend's children Friday night. At some point, he reportedly got angry when a 21-month-old kept him from sleeping. The child's mother called police when she got home.

Collins tried to blame another child and said a 3-year-old pushed the toddler off his bed, police said. The injuries were too severe for officers to believe the story and he later confessed, according to investigators.

State records show Collins is on a suspended sentence involving three cases for drug-related convictions, in addition to the ongoing domestic assault case.

His charges were upgraded to child abuse murder.

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