Tulsa pizza chef competing at International Pizza Expo

TULSA, Okla. — A Tulsa pizza shop owner is traveling to Las Vegas to defend her world title at the at the International Pizza Expo.

“I’m well known I guess for throwing pizza dough,” said Tara Hatten, co-owner of Zasa’s. “I’m a world champion at pizza acrobatics.”

Hatten most recently took first place six months ago in the competition and will be heading back to defend her title.

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The champ said just to be able to compete against pizza pros across the world has been a dream come true.

“It was something I just dreamed about, going to pizza expo one day, and then I went and I was like oh my goodness I’m here and I did this and I competed and I never thought I would compete with these people,” Hatten said. “And then to turn around and compete with them and to win is kinda unreal.”

Hatten said she practices two to three hours a night leading up to a competition.

Performances are judged based on synchronization, speed and tricks.