Tulsa Oilers sale of old Macy’s building at Promenade Mall final

TULSA, Okla. — The Tulsa Oilers announced Wednesday that the sale of the old Macy’s building at the Promenade Mall has become official, transferring ownership to Oilers’ owner Andy Scurto, the Tulsa Oilers said in a press release.

Earlier this month the Oilers announced the purchase of the already constructed Oilers Ice Center, with improvements to the infrastructure and amenities already beginning. The community can keep track of improvements, schedules and promotions on the Oilers Ice Center’s new social media pages.

“I’m very happy to have completed the feasibility phase of this project, and I’m excited to begin the design and construction of the new facility,” said Andy Scurto. “Based on preliminary designs, the new ice center is going to be an amazing facility with two sheets of ice, a pro shop, snack shop, restaurant, the Oilers offices and all supporting needs for the ice. With all of this and some future surprises in the works, it will be much more than an ice rink. It will be an ice entertainment center!”

With the sale of the Macy’s building closing, the Oilers are one step closer to providing the community with three sheets of ice, supporting more skating, youth ice hockey, adult ice hockey, public skate and other ice and non-ice related activities.

Once completed, the new two-story facility will house two sheets of ice, a restaurant, offices and much more. The facility will serve as the Oilers’ official practice rink and front office. As with the Oilers Ice Center, the new facility will also host public skates, figure skating, curling and youth and amateur hockey.

“While this is going to be a long, complicated and expensive project filled with what I’m sure will be many challenges, it’s going to be lots of fun and a great addition to the Tulsa community,” added Andy Scurto. “I’m very pleased to be bringing this to the city of Tulsa!”

Final design is already underway, with construction beginning as soon as possible and a completion goal of 18 months. The Oilers will keep the public updated on progress via media releases and social media posts.