• Tulsa offering new positions for animal welfare as part of city's reform

    By: Preston Jones , Ryan Love


    TULSA, Okla. - Nearly a dozen positions are now available at Tulsa Animal Welfare as a part of the city's new comprehensive animal reform plan.

    The city is looking to hire five animal control officers as well as kennel maintenance workers, office assistants, and a registered veterinary technician. You can find the list of available jobs HERE.

    The new positions are a part of the comprehensive eight-step plan Mayor G.T. Bynum introduced in January to improve Tulsa's animal welfare program and reduce overall euthanasia rates.

    READ MORE: Mayor Bynum introduces new Animal Welfare plan to decrease euthanasia rates

    The city is spending $580,000 a year on the program that includes these new positions, increased shelter hours, online pet licensing, an overhaul of the city's animal ordinance, and creates an advisory board for animal welfare.

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