A Tulsa mother loses her 10-year-old son to suicide

TULSA, Okla. — You or someone you know may have been touched by the suicide of someone you loved or cared for. The tragic loss from suicide can be even more devastating when it involves a child.

The mother of a 10-year-old boy is experiencing the heartbreak and sudden loss after losing her son to suicide.

A mom never should have to make a memorial for her child. Jessica Sebastian laid out flowers, shoes and pictures to remember her son – John DeCou.

She says, “He rode the four-wheelers all through here; he lived his life and he did everything. He wanted to be an accountant because he loved his numbers, and he could count so good.”

She shares his memory, after he took his own life inside their home in October. It happened after Jessica kissed her son goodnight, and then he was gone.

“John is a martyr to me. I want John to stand up for all those children.”

She says her son had special needs, and complained about being bullied.

It’s something that licensed professional counselor Kevin Foley says is sadly becoming too common and the pandemic has made life more difficult for kids.

“Now kids have phones so bullying is 24/7. It follows them home; they can’t escape. The move to virtual schooling and not having access to adults they used to go to and talk to, makes it a lot more difficult,” said Foley. “They’ll have impulsivity and they don’t have that long-term perspective that it’s going to get better; instant gratification, they want to go to McDonalds now, they want to have the present they saw on tv now, and they want the problem to go away now.”

It’s a message Jessica as a mother wants others to hear, so other parents won’t suffer the same heartbreak.

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, you can reach out locally to Copes at 918-744-4800.

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