• Tulsa mayor, police chief lead forum on community policing

    By: Hector Mejia


    TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum and Police Chief Chuck Jordan led a forum Friday night to update residents on efforts to implement more community policing across the city.

    They are working on dozens of initiatives to improve relations between police and the community.

    Bynum said the city is working to turn Tulsa into a model for the rest of the country through the 77 initiatives to be implemented by the end of the year.

    One north Tulsa resident, Charlotte Smith, told FOX23 she felt compelled to attend the forum.

    "I like knowing that police officers are in different neighborhoods building relationships with people," Smith said.

    Some of the changes include more police training, engaging residents through advisory boards and Vision Tulsa money for 90 new officers this year.

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    Jordan said it all boils down to people and officers working hand in hand.

    "What would help is being able to be in the neighborhoods more and having more officers," Jordan said.

    They also passed around the type of body cameras that will begin rolling out to uniformed officers in November.

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