• Tulsa man uses 8 digital billboards to declare love for wife

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    Tulsa, Okla. - A Tulsa man bought advertising space on eight digital billboards around town to tell his wife that he loves her.

    Josh Wilson, owner of Living Water Irrigation, said he initially bought the billboard space to advertise his business, but after studying his business's income and expenses, it turned out that the billboards weren't doing much for his company. So he decided to change the message to declare to the Tulsa metro area how much he loves his wife, Amy.

    On the Lamar digital billboards in Tulsa, Wilson's sign reads "Amy, I love you more!" with his company's logo in the corner.

    Wilson told FOX23 that he is not in trouble or anything, but he simply wanted to share his love for his wife.

    "I'm not in trouble. I'm not in the doghouse," Wilson said. "I'm just in love with my wife."

    The Wilsons have been married for five years, and he said the billboard was a way "to show her how much I appreciate her for putting up with a lot of stuff I do."

    He said that “stuff” was running his own small business which, at times, can be a hassle.

    FOX23 asked if the billboards raise the bar when it comes to impressing your significant other in the Tulsa area, and Wilson said his friends and customers have said his actual signs of affection will be hard to top.

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