• Tulsa man says he lost two teeth in road rage attack

    By: Paris Holmes


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Louis Rooks says he was attacked in a road rage incident.
    • He says he was able to get part of the suspect's plate number.
    • An investigation is underway.


    A local man says he was punched and lost two teeth in a road rage attack.

    Louis Rooks says he was driving down Highway 75 Monday night when a man driving a dark colored Chevy Z-71 truck started tailgating him and flashing his lights.

    Rooks says he believed it was friend who purchased a similar car, so he and the other driver pulled over near the Highway 11 on-ramp.  

    Rooks says he and the man exchanged words, and the man walked away. 

    Then, Rooks says he saw the man retrieve something from his car that looked like a roll of quarters.  He says the man wrapped his fingers around it and preceded to punch him in the face.

    Rooks says his attacker drove off, and he followed him for a short time to get his license plate number before driving himself to the hospital.

    Police are investigating.  Rooks says he only got a partial plate number.

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