Tulsa man accused of stealing trailer, leading officers on chase and endangering public

Tulsa police arrest man accused of stealing trailer, leading officers on chase


  • Police say an officer was in the right place at the right time to catch a stolen trailer thief in his tracks.
  • An officer on his way to a squad meeting Thursday saw a truck hauling a trailer pass him driving erratically.
  • The officer followed the truck, right as a call came over the radio about a stolen trailer being pulled by a white pickup.
  • Police say the driver of the truck wouldn't stop for officers, and endangered traffic by weaving in and out and not using signals or obeying traffic laws.
  • Officers finally got the suspect to stop in south Broken Arrow near the Creek Turnpike by using stop sticks to pop his tires.
  • They say even after stopping, the suspect continued to resist. Police shot four pepper balls at the suspect. They say he still tried to run after that, and was finally taken down by a K9 officer.
  • Police arrested Drew Stanley for reckless driving, eluding, resisting, and traffic offenses.