Tulsa man accused of broadcasting child abuse on Facebook Live

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • A Tulsa man is accused of abusing his child and broadcasting the incident on Facebook Live.
  • Police arrested Ralph Hishaw.
  • They say they found deplorable conditions and PCP at Hishaw's home.

A Tulsa man is in jail for child abuse and child neglect after police say he “tortured” his six-year-old in north Tulsa on Monday and broadcast the incident on Facebook Live.

Detectives say the video shows Ralph Hishaw mocking the child and screaming in his face for crying.

Reports claim Hishaw swore at the child constantly and even picked him up from behind and threatened to beat his head on the ceiling.

Police say the video also shows Hishaw slapping the six-year-old in the face when he had his fingers in his mouth.

Detectives told FOX23 concerned citizens saw the video and reported it to Community Resource Officer Popsey Floyd.

Police say a different Facebook Live video showed the outside of the house where the abuse took place. They used
Google Maps and resources from the Department of Human Services to help find the home near MLK and Apache in north Tulsa.

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Detectives served a search warrant on the house, and they say they found deplorable living conditions and PCP there.

Police also reportedly found bruises on the kid’s back. The kid allegedly told them that his father had hit him in the back and “slammed him on the ground,” causing the injuries.

Hishaw was arrested for child neglect, child abuse and possession of PCP.

He told FOX23 he didn’t feel like he didn’t anything wrong and that the system is messed up.

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