Tulsa leaders warn against impostors claiming to represent city, offering false information

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa city leaders put out a news release late Tuesday night regarding reports of people claiming to work to the police department or the city and giving incorrect information about flooding concerns.

Officials said people claiming to be police officers or city employees reportedly gave wrong information about Keystone Dam discharge levels.

The individuals also reportedly told people to evacuate. These are not official statements and no official evacuation order has been made by the city of Tulsa at the time this was published.

However, the city is asking residents to remain alert and prepare for potential flooding. We've collected information from Green Country officials here.

Read the full news release below:

"The City of Tulsa has received reports of individuals claiming to be Tulsa Police Officers and employees from the City of Tulsa offering incorrect information regarding the Keystone Dam discharge levels and telling individuals they must evacuate. These are not official statements and employees are not canvassing Tulsa neighborhoods."

"The City of Tulsa is asking all individuals to remain vigilant in case of minor flooding. At this time, the Army Corps of Engineers has started the release of Keystone Dam to 160,000 cubic feet and no issues have been reported. The City of Tulsa will receive an update from the Army Corps of Engineers if peak output changes in the coming days or if there are other updates."

"As a point of reference, in 1986 the Army Corps of Engineers released 300,000 cubic feet from the Keystone Dam and flood mitigation projects and extensive developments along the river were not in place as they are in 2019."

"Continue to follow the City of Tulsa on Twitter @cityoftulsagov for more information."

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