• Tulsa judge: Civil suit allowed against Bob Bates

    By: Ashli Lincoln


    Quick Facts:

    • A jury convicted Bob Bates in the death of Eric Harris in 2016
    • He was released from prison in October
    • His attorneys tried to get a civil lawsuit against him dismissed 
    • A judge ruled civil litigation is acceptable
    • Over the course of two years since the suit was filed attorney’s for Bates and the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office have filed four motions to dismiss the case. 
    • In Dowdell’s ‘Opinion and Order’ he state’s he’s denying Bates’s motions because “The facts alleged are that Mr. Harris had been tackled, had two or four deputies holding him down, he was subdued, and was not fleeing, and Bates drew a revolver and shot him in the back while he was being held on the ground. Those facts, as alleged, would clearly constitute excessive force” – Judge Dowdell. 
    •  In motions filed by Bate’s attorney they suggest law suit fails to state a claim against him because the shooting was accidental. Bates also contends that the law suit doesn’t accurately prove that he was deliberately indifferent on rendering medical aid to Harris.

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