Tulsa jewelry store owner arrested for stealing from customers

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa Police arrested Tulsa jewelry store owner, Paul Williams, after several people came forward in the past few months reporting stolen or missing jewelry.

All victims pointed back to the same place; Jewelry Liquidation near 61st and Sheridan.

In each case, the victims dropped off their jewelry for cleaning, repair or appraisal. Several weeks would go by without any follow up from the owner, Paul Williams.

Police say numerous victims reported they made several attempts to check the status of their jewelry, or get their jewelry back but were never able to get ahold of Williams.

The Financial Crimes Unit learned “Jewelry Liquidation” abruptly closed its doors for business and everything in the jewelry store was gone.

Detectives say Williams pawned thousands of dollars worth of jewelry without the consent of the people who had dropped it off.

The Tulsa Police Department received numerous reports, with the same circumstances. Several citizens created a Facebook group called “People ripped off by Paul Williams” and additional victims began coming forward.

In total, The Financial Crimes Unit received 12 official police reports claiming they were also victims of Paul Williams and “Jewelry Liquidation”.

Williams was arrested Sept. 16. He is charged with four counts of embezzlement and one count for false declaration of ownership in a pawn shop.