Tulsa family worries for 16-year-old loved one who vanished almost a week ago with an older man

TULSA, Okla. — Meghan Scroggins, 16, is missing again. Her family told FOX23 they are worried sick about her.

“My concern is … is she alive or dead?” Her grandmother, Phyllis Howard, said.

The last time her grandmother said Scroggins was seen or heard from was last Thursday, July 7. The family has filed a missing, runaway report for the teenager, since the family recalled a previous incident where she ran away from home to be with an older man, Christopher Bartley.

“She knows nothing about this man other than meeting through her mother and his dog,” Howard said. “She thinks she loves him, and he loves her.”

The family believes Scroggins left her home last week with Bartley, and police said she was found with him in mid-June, when she previously disappeared.

Officers told FOX23 that, in mid-June, they found her with Bartley at the Glenwood Apartments after he initially lied about her being there with him.

FOX23 previously reported he was arrested after Scroggins was located. Bartley reported bonded out of jail quickly.

On July 5, court records indicated he was charged with harboring a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and impersonating a police officer.

Patricia lives in the Glenwood Apartments; she says she knows Bartley well.

“Christopher came to me last Thursday and was asking if he could borrow the car because he needed to meet somebody because he sold his stereo,” Patricia said.

So, she said she loaned him her car. Patricia provided FOX23 with photos of her car she took when she saw Bartley get into the vehicle with a teenager she said looks like Scroggins.

“It sucks. It makes me feel like a fool because this is a person that I trusted,” Patricia said. “He used to take me to my doctor’s appointments.”

Patricia explained it’s a 2015 Nissan Rogue with tribal plates: 1-T-O-3-2. If you see the car, you’re asked to contact police immediately.

“Call the police. Report it,” she said.

Howard said the same.

“My biggest fear is that she is dead,” Howard said.