Tulsa family says police never showed up after security company put in call

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • A local family says someone broke into their vehicle, and their security system contacted police, but police never showed up.
  • Police say they don't show up to calls from security systems unless a resident has a permit.
  • They say they will respond to business alarms, calls from residents themselves and calls in which they believe the resident is home, regardless of permits.

A local family says they were left high and dry as thieves broke into their vehicle.

The family says their security system alerted them about someone prowling in their car, but no one ever showed up after their security company called police.

Tulsa police say they canceled the call when they found that the family didn't have a permit.

Tulsa police, like police in some other cities, require for residents to have a paid permit before they will respond to a call from a burglary alarm.

They say they will respond if they know that a resident is in a home or if the resident makes the call, regardless of whether or not they have a permit.

However, if an alarm company calls on a resident's behalf and police don't know that the resident is in the home, police say they will not respond if the resident does not have a permit.

The permit in question is known as an alarm certificate or first response certificate. It notifies police where the alarm will be set up, who is using it and which company is monitoring it.

It costs $35 each year for residential certificates and $75 each year for commercial or business certificates.

Police say the move is part of an effort to cut down on officers' responding to false alarms.

They say they will still respond to any business "hold up" alarms, regardless of whether or not the business owner has a permit, because they say it usually means an active robbery is underway.

If you or someone you know would like to get a permit for a security system, you can find that information on the Tulsa police website.

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