• Tulsa couple takes in two Bahamian brothers in aftermath of Hurricane Dorian

    By: Justin Ayer , Ryan Love


    TULSA, Okla. - A Tulsa couple is welcoming two brothers from the Bahamas into their home Monday.

    The brothers, 21-year-old Richard Delancy, Jr. and 15-year-old Anton Pinder, live in the Abaco Islands northern region of the Bahamas.

    As with the rest of the region, the brothers' home in the Bahamas was ravaged by Hurricane Dorian. The powerful peaked as a Category 5 storm when it began to devastate the islands.

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    The brothers arrived in Tulsa on Monday night thanks to Mounds couple Susan and Tom Vanderpool.

    The couple has been giving free eye exams and prescribing glasses to school-aged children in the Bahamas for over a decade.

    The couple says one of the boys called Susan and said he wanted to get away from the devastation caused by Dorian.

    The Vanderpools started a fundraiser and paid for the flight to get the brothers to Tulsa.

    They will be living with the couple while their family recovers in the aftermath of the storm.

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