Tulsa couple creates magical soil with special ingredients

TULSA, Okla. — Kelly and Carla Grogg are a couple passionate about gardening. They owned Groggs Green Barn in south Tulsa for about 10 years.

They both have had family members pass from cancer, which has inspired a quest towards nutrition and an awareness of what their bodies were consuming.

“We did have two family members, within a year of each other on different sides of our family affected with cancer. And that’s become a big story in everyone’s lives,” said Carla. That’s when their passion for organic and Non-GMO began to grow.

The pandemic have also caused people to generally become more health aware, Carla believes.

With the goal of consuming healthier food the Groggs created a garden at home, but could not find an organic soil that was chemical free to help grow their vegetables.

“About three years ago, we started looking at recipes, and formulating a recipe that would be great for whether you’re growing tomatoes, edible gardening, or perennial gardening for all of your flowers,” said Carla. “It’s very nutrient dense.”

The couple eventually created GP Soils, which is manufactured right here in Tulsa.

GP Soil is available at Riddle Plant Farm and Cohlmia’s the Plant Place in Tulsa and Green Thumb Nursery and Greenhouses in Bartlesville.