Tulsa County Sheriff's Office gun auction brings in $129,000

Tulsa, Okla. — QUICK FACTS:

  • The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office auctioned off 700 guns last weekend. Some of the guns were limited editions that they had collected.
  • The guns were to be sold to those that have the legal rights to sale with a federal firearms license to ensure safeguards are in place.
  • Officials say they wanted to free up their storage space. The guns had been collecting over several years after many of them had been either seized, forfeited or not claimed by the owner.
  • The sale brought in over $129,000 to offset the department's budget.
  • The auction money will all go back to help help the sheriff's office with training and equipment, which could save tax dollars.
  • TCSO is planning to host similar auctions in the future.

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