• Tulsa County District Attorney's Office drops case due to missing evidence

    By: Jackie DelPilar

      TULSA, Okla. -
    • The case against a suspected robber has been dropped by the Tulsa County District Attorney’s office, due in part to missing evidence
    • Cordney Bell was arrested in January 2017 for robbery with a gun. Police say he was one of several people involved in a string of violent robberies targeting fast food restaurants.
    • Assistant DA Erik Grayless says the office made the decision to drop the case last week because of problems with witnesses, and evidence from the crime scene was lost
    • The DA’s office learned the evidence was missing just one day before the case was set to go to trial. Attorneys felt they could better prosecute the case once that property is found
    • The DA’s office has launched an internal investigation to learn how this happened and how to prevent something like this in the future
    • The DA’s office voluntarily dropped the case, so they do have the opportunity to charge Bell in the future. After dropping the case, Bell walked free
    • Grayless says they are working to find the missing evidence and rebuild a case against Bell
    • The Public Defender representing Bell sent FOX23 this statement: 

      Dismissal was the correct decision by the District Attorney. We were confident in Mr. Bell’s defense in light of several weaknesses in the State’s case. Lost evidence was apparently the tipping point for them. Cordney spent 510 days in jail awaiting his day in court. He is happy to finally have the case dismissed.



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