TCSO arrests man after they say he stole from and burnt down an elderly man’s home

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. — Deputies with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) tracked down and arrested a man for theft and arson in Sand Springs on Wednesday.

TCSO arrested Darren Summar after they said he stole motorcycles, firearms and several other pieces of property. He was also arrested for intentionally setting a fire at a home he allegedly stole from.

TCSO Communications director Casey Roebuck said deputies went to Summar’s mom’s residence, where they knew Sumar was staying, twice on Tuesday, then went back a third time on Wednesday and secured the arrest.

“We went back again this morning- he attempted to run from the house - this time - we got him,” Roebuck said.

On Tuesday, the Sand Springs Fire Department called deputies to a home near west 31st street and south 137th west avenue in Sand Springs after they found evidence of a possible arson.

Paula lives right down the street and was the one who originally called the police. She said she saw a man acting suspicious, driving slowly up and down the street on a motorcycle.

“In just a little bit I heard a pop and a bang and that house went up in flames - so I was the first one who called 911,” She says.

She went on, “I was really pleased with the Sand Springs Fire Department that got here in like 8 minutes.”

A firefighter said several drawers and cabinets inside the home were opened and, it looked like the house could have been burglarized or ransacked.

Evidence also suggested a type of fuel was poured and the fire may have been intentionally started.

No homeowners were present at the time of the fire, but authorities learned two black Honda motorcycles were missing from the home. Several firearms also appeared to be stolen.

“My first thought was - the guy on the motorcycle set the fire,” said Paula.

Deputies went to Summar’s residence, near West 41st Street and South 137th West Avenue, in reference to stolen property from an earlier arson.

Summar was not there, but deputies were given permission by Summar’s mother to search his room, where they found several stolen pieces of property, drug paraphernalia and a vile with an unknown liquid inside.

Detectives also found the two black motorcycles in Summar’s backyard.

Detectives tracked down Summar on Wednesday after a foot pursuit. Summar told detectives he was tipped off to the home that could have been vacant and was told there would be property inside he could steal.

He told detectives he did not start the fire, and did not know who did. But TCSO said they have enough evidence to link him to the fire at this point.

“When we booked him in today, we add on that arson charge,” said Casey Roebuck.

Summar was arrested for second-degree arson, second-degree burglary after former conviction of a felony (AFCF), two counts of possession of a firearm AFCF and two counts of possession of a stolen vehicle AFCF.

“That makes me very happy so we don’t have to worry that he’s still running around and trying to find other places to break into,” said Paula.

Roebuck said the investigation is ongoing and two more arrests could be made in the case. If you know anything please call crime stoppers at 918-596-COPS.