Tulsa councilwoman discusses equality indicator scores

VIDEO: Councilwoman discusses Tulsa's equality indicators

TULSA, Okla. — District 6 Councilwoman Connie Dodson hosted a town hall meeting in east Tulsa Tuesday to discuss the 2018 Tulsa Equality Indicator.

Overall, Tulsa scored a 38.9 out of 100.

Of the report's six themes, the city scored highest in public health with a 47. It scored a 42 for services, and scores were in the 30s for economic opportunity, justice, education and housing.

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In east Tulsa, specifically, the indicators show libraries in that area have the shortest hours in the city, limiting the time folks can use those services.

East Tulsa does have the second highest number of jobs behind midtown, but east and north Tulsa have a higher ratio of payday loan shops than banks according to the report.

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