• Tulsa company installs lockboxes to stop package thieves

    By: Lynn Casey , Josh Gammon


    TULSA, Okla. - A Tulsa man decided enough was enough after someone stole a package worth about $800 from his home and got to work on making sure it wouldn’t happen again.

    To help stop “porch pirates,” he got together with some colleagues and started Parcel Safe Systems. The company installs steel boxes in front of homes that they claim can fit about 90 percent of packages typically ordered.

    One of the lockbox options includes a padlock system that works through Wi-Fi and is accepted by all parcel carriers.

    The delivery person can use the lock to scan the parcel’s barcode, and the lock will pop open. Homeowners then use a smartphone app to get inside.

    Some home building companies are installing the boxes by default with each new home and will even incorporate them into the wall.

    Those interested in finding out more can visit parcelsafesystems.com.

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