Tulsa City Councilors view work on Vista at Shadow Mountain Apartments

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa city councilors briefly viewed the work being on the Vista at Shadow Mountain Apartments in south Tulsa Wednesday.

The visit was part of a district seven tour by councilors to see all of the projects and work being done on numerous topics.

One hundred and twenty families were displaced when the city condemned the complex for multiple code violations last summer. Residents told us their units were both unsafe and unsanitary.

“These repairs are going to take some time because the owners are not just dealing with the repairs that need to be made to all of these units, but the owners need to get their certificate of occupancy back so they can start renting out units once again once repairs are made and the units are safe to live in again,” District 7 Councilor Lori Decter Wright said.

All councilors on the tour were actively interested in seeing what they could from the bus they chartered without being on the property because the residents were spread out around Tulsa and some of them even used their connections to non-profits to get immediate housing for and help other help to displaced residents.

“Some of the last residents to find a suitable permanent housing solution were finally able to move into those options just last January,” Decter Wright said.

There has not been much progress made on many of the units in the complex despite it being nearly a year since the mass move out took place.

Decter Wright said work permits have not yet been filed for some of the major repairs that are needed.

Some of the water damage spread out through the complex was a result of numerous broken pipes from the deep freeze that took place in February 2021, but there are other issues as a result of neglect that also still need to be repaired.

Decter Wright said the property’s owner is taking an active role in getting the massive complex up and running again, but it will take time because before some repairs can continue, paperwork issues like permitting and insurance payments to cover cost are still being held up.