Tulsa child abuse suspects accused of taking off with victims during supervised visit

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Police say they are working to find Christopher Smith Jr. and Shaquelle Cantrell.
  • The two face charges related to child abuse.
  • They reportedly took three victims during a supervised visit and took off.

Tulsa police say two accused child abusers are on the run with their victims.

Detectives say they hope to find Christopher Smith Jr. and Shaquelle Cantrell quickly.

They both face charges relating to child abuse.

Police say the investigation launched in early February when a five-year-old little boy showed up to school with a black eye.

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Police interviewed both that little boy an eight-year-old little girl also living in the home.

An affidavit shows the two revealed that Smith was abusing them and had been for some time.

He’s accused of hitting both children both in the face and the chest, spanking them with a belt to the point of bruising and hitting them with a back scratcher.

Police say at one point the suspect punched the five-year-old in the face because he was “cleaning the same spot” on the toilet.

Police say that the two children, as well as another sibling, were removed from the home and placed with a family member during the investigation.

Detectives say that during a supervised visit with the kids, Smith and Cantrell grabbed all three kids and ran out the door.

They haven’t been seen since.

Police say it’s crucial to find the parents because they “have abused them [the kids] before, there is nothing from stopping them now.”

Police think they could still be in Tulsa, but they also could be headed to Ohio, where they have connections.

When the children are found, all three will be taken into the DHS custody.

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