• Tulsa businesswoman says eviction by Greenwood Chamber was act of retribution

    By: Jonathan McCall


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • A Tulsa businesswoman says she was evicted by the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce.
    • The woman says it was an act of retribution.
    • The chamber says the deal allowing her to work rent-free was done without the knowledge of board members under old leadership.


    A Tulsa businesswoman says she has until Friday to find a new place to work after she says the Greenwood Chamber evicted her.

    Now, she believes she’s a victim of retribution.

    Charity Marcus says the chamber is after her for speaking up about recent problems.

    The new chamber presidents says her agreement for a rent-free office space was done without the knowledge of the board of directors under old leadership.

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    Marcus says she received a letter giving her just three days to pack up and leave her office.

    She signed a lease last April with the chamber, giving her the rent-free office space in exchange for consulting work.

    It was set to expire in March.

    Marcus says the chamber promised to honor the terms of the lease even after cutting ties with her and former executive director Sherry Gamble-Smith in January.

    She says her recent criticism of the chamber may play a role in the move.

    The chamber says it ended the agreement because of Marcus’ “willful intent to deceive and mislead.”

    President Rebecca Marks-Jimerson says the agreement was made without board approval and that Marcus’ business conflicted with chamber business.

    Marcus says she plans to fight to stay.


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