Tulsa burglary victim tracks down suspect to area golf course, detains him until police arrive

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa police arrested a man for burglarizing a car after the victim allegedly chased him down and helped detain him until officers arrived.

Officers said the victim parked outside of his house and stepped inside Monday. When he came back outside, the victim reportedly found his car door open. He said his tool box and credit card were missing.

The man called his credit card company, and the company told him the card had recent activity at the Page Belcher Golf Course, a half mile away from his house.

The victim went to the golf course and asked employees who had used his card at the course.

Employees pointed to Beau Caskey, who had reportedly spent under $20 on food at the club house.

The victim confronted Caskey, who, according to police, told him the tools were outside in his car and tried to run out the back door of the club house.

The victim chased Caskey, and police responded to the scene as an assault in progress, arriving to the golf course to find the two men wrestling on the fairway.

They brought Caskey into custody.

FOX23 reported last month that Glenpool police arrested Caskey for burglarizing cars.

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