• Tulsa-based smartphone app aims to boost community engagement

    By: Cailey Dougherty


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • New app allows users to share what's happening in the community
    • The app was created in Tulsa
    • The creators hope the app will boost local businesses


    A new smartphone app aimed at boosting community involvement launched in Tulsa recently.

    UTown, which is free to download, already has a couple thousand users and some businesses are already seeing a benefit.

    The app is tailored to the user’s location, and allows businesses and consumers to post about events and activities happening in the community.

    UTown’s co-founder said it allows user to monitor what’s happening in the community in real-time.

    “It’s really an app for the social-goer. So, somebody who is looking for what to do next. It’s also an app for people who really care about their community,” co-founder Malachi Blankenship said.

     “It’s really an app for the social-goer, so somebody who’s looking for what to do next, and it’s also an app for people who really care about their community, and want to people to know, 'Hey there’s some cool stuff happening. There’s some cool stuff happening in Guthrie Green right now.'”

    They created the app in Tulsa but are hoping to take it worldwide soon.


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