Tulsa author claims he was scammed by publishers

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Brenda Roy wrote Healing of the Heart, published in 2014
  • Her book was published by Tate Publishing Group, who she says never paid her compensation for the sold books
  • Richard and Ryan Tate were charged in May with embezzlement, extortion and racketeering
  • They allegedly took money from multiple clients without paying royalties
  • The attorney general's office says they hope to get restitution for victims

It took decades for Brenda Roy to share her story.

After writing "Healing of the Heart", reflecting on sexual and physical abuse, Roy says she was again taken advantage of.

Her book was published in 2014 by the Tate Publishing Group. She says to date, she received no royalties for the books sold.

In May of 2017, the state filed charges of embezzlement, extortion and racketeering against brothers Richard and Ryan Tate. Roy's story of not receiving royalties happened to many of their authors, according to the charges.

Accusers say the Tate family took money from clients with the promise of publishing books and music, publishing the content and then withholding the royalties. They also allegedly extorted authors with whom they had publishing agreements.

The Tate's attorney said the story was really about a failing business, without intentional harm.

He refused to comment on the specific charges, but said the case would be long and tedious.

The Tates bonded out of jail May 5, facing a preliminary hearing for Sept. 6.

If convicted, the state Attorney General's office wants to seek restitution for the victims.

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