Tuesday starts last palindrome week of the century

Tuesday starts last palindrome week of the century

Quick Facts:

  • September 2019 has the last palindrome week of the century (if written in the m-dd-yy format only)
  • A palindrome is something that is the same forward and backward

Several dates in the month of September read the same forwards and backward.

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The palindrome dates began September 10 and will continue through the 19.

The dates are considered palindromic because they exhibit the odd pattern when noted numerically.

For example, September 10 reads 9-10-17, or 91019, which is the same both forward and backward.

  • 9-10-19
  • 9-11-19
  • 9-12-19
  • 9-13-19
  • 9-14-19
  • 9-15-19
  • 9-16-19
  • 9-17-19
  • 9-18-19
  • 9-19-19

Though palindrome dates are not very rare, occurring several times each century, they tend to capture attention from people in countries that write their dates in the month-day-year format.

As long as the date is written in the "m-dd-yy format, there are 9 years every century with 10 palindrome days in a row! Every year since 2011 has had similar strings of palindrome dates with 10 consecutive days. 2011 started in January and each year it has been one month later with this month the last one of the century.

The next time we'll see this type of pattern will be 2111-2119 and 2211-2219.

As a note, if we do the date as mm-dd-yyyy, there are only 12 palindrome days in the 21st century! The next one would be February 2, 2020 (02-20-2020).

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