Evidence from murder victim's socks leads to plea

WAGONER COUNTY, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Authorities found Jarret Clark's body in Fort Gibson Lake in 2006
  • Deputies arrested Anthony Wallen and two others for his death
  • Wallen's trial was supposed to start Tuesday; he got

The trial for one of three people suspected of killing a Broken Arrow teen was called off after a plea agreement.

Authorities in 2006 found Jarret Clark’s body in Fort Gibson Lake. He disappeared during a camping trip several days prior.

In 2014, deputies arrested Anthony Wallen in connection to the death. Two others also face charges.

Wallen's trial was supposed to start Tuesday, but a plea agreement was settled during motion hearings on Monday.

An assistant district attorney said Wallen entered a plea agreement was his charges were amended to conspiracy to commit second-degree murder.

He was sentenced to 20 years with 8 in custody and 12 suspended. He pleaded no contest.

Courtney Manzer and Dayna Miller, the other two suspects, are in plea negotiations as well.

The ADA said the case was complex with multiple witnesses and significant inconsistencies; he was glad the court was able to work through those problems.

Investigators said Clark's clothes led to the most recent break in the case.

They said the top of his sock was shredded, while the bottom was relatively clean, and in the sock was plant like material. A botanist identified the plants as a land plant consistent with the area where Clark was last seen.

They said that evidence showed that Clark had been drug.


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