WATCH: Man tossed from wheelchair after parking dispute with able-bodied driver

WATCH: California Man tossed from wheelchair after parking dispute with able-bodied driver

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. — A quick Target run turned disastrous for a California man tossed from his wheelchair to the store’s floor after he confronted his assailant’s partner for parking in a handicapped space, police say.

The incident occurred Jan. 11, but Pleasant Hill police have only recently released store surveillance footage which captured the violent exchange on camera.

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Philip Kinstler, who has used a wheelchair for more than 30 years, told The Washington Post that he tapped on a neighboring vehicle’s window to tell ask the female driver if she was aware she was parked in a handicapped-accessible parking space.

“I thought I would ask her kindly if they could not park there again, in a handicapped spot,” Kinstler, 52, told The Post.

The woman’s partner, identified as Jimmie Tiger, can be seen on the surveillance video confronting Kinstler about the exchange in the parking lot, attempting to wheel Kinstler away and then throwing him to the ground.

“I was scared. I’ve never been that scared in my entire life,” Kinstler told WPIX, adding, “The thing that hurt me the most is that people just stood there. They did nothing. All they had to do is stand in front of my wheelchair.”

According to The Post, Kinstler suffered a broken wrist in the attack, and Tiger has been charged with attempted kidnapping and assault.

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Stock photo of a wheelchair.
Stock photo of a wheelchair. (SGENET/Pixabay)