Watch: Good Samaritan stops robbery, attack on elderly man

LOS ANGELES — Surveillance video captured the moment a good Samaritan came to the rescue of an elderly man being attacked and robbedlast month in Los Angeles.

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According to KCBS-TV, the scene unfolded in front of Rafallo’s Pizza in Hollywood, when a man approached the elderly customer sitting at a table outside the pizzeria, punched him and walked away with his wallet and cellphone.

Tim Ratcliff, a neighboring restaurant owner who witnessed the attack, can be seen on the video chasing after the attacker.

“When you see somebody get assaulted, I can’t tell you the feeling I have inside. It upsets me to have it happen,” Ratcliff, who owns Shin, told the TV station.

Ratcliff can be seen in the video below tackling the thief into the intersection of La Brea and Hollywood.

“I took him down and just waited there until the police arrived,” he told KTTV, noting that his girlfriend and another witness helped restrain the main while they waited.

It took officers with the Los Angeles Police Department about nine minutes to respond to the scene, the TV station reported.

“The adrenaline was a lot at that point, and afterwards it was exhausting. It felt like I had worked out the next day for quite a bit,” Ratcliff told KTTV.

The man attacked was reunited with his wallet and cellphone, KCBS reported.