WATCH: Giant black snake startles commuters on NYC subway platform

NEW YORK CITY — A train operator with New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority shared a harrowing discovery via Twitter on Sunday morning.

“Thought I have seen it all but this can’t be real,” a Twitter user with the handle @TripleG_RTO posted, sharing a video of a large, black snake slithering on the platform of an unidentified above-ground station.

The poster, who identified himself as a train operator, told WPIX that the station is located in Brooklyn, but he could not pinpoint exactly where.

“If you sssee sssomething, sssay sssomething,” the MTA posted to Twitter after the video surfaced.

People magazine identified the transit worker as Canella Gomez, who told local reporters he did not shoot the video himself, and only shared the footage.

According to People, the snake in the video appears to possibly be a non-venomous black eastern rat snake, which can grow up to seven feet in length. The black eastern rat snake’s natural habitat typically extends from Connecticut to South Carolina and as far west as Kansas and Oklahoma, according to the National Wildlife Federation.