Texas toddler fatally shoots 8-month-old baby brother, police say

HOUSTON — A Texas toddler managed to get a hold of an unsecured, loaded gun Saturday and accidentally fatally shot his 8-month old brother, investigators said.

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Houston police said the 3-year-old fired a single shot. Two family members then drove the baby to a hospital where the child was pronounced dead, KXAS reported.

“This is just a tragic event,” Assistant Chief Wendy Baimbridge said. “It was just one gunshot to the abdomen, and unfortunately our little one is deceased.”

Hospital officials told police about the shooting. Investigators said they found a gun when they searched the vehicle the family members drove to the hospital.

Police said there were four family members at the apartment when the shooting took place in a second-floor bedroom, NBC News reported. They are working to determine who the owner of the gun is. It is illegal for firearms to be accessible to young children, Baimbridge said.

“I just want to take this moment ... to plead with parents and guardians all over to not allow your firearms to be accessible to anyone in the house,” she said. “Lock them up.”