Teachers in Georgia form caravan to drive-by students’ homes, say hello

Georgia teachers form caravan to drive by students’ homes

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Some teachers in Gwinnett County, Georgia are trying to reunite with their students in an unusual way.

Dozens of teachers formed a caravan and drove street after street, saying hello.

Teachers at several Gwinnett elementary schools decided it was time they saw their students.

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At Roberts Elementary, the teachers loaded up in their cars and drove neighborhood to neighborhood.

Third-grader Reif Castellanos stood on his street corner, anxiously waiting for all his teachers to drive by.

“With the break, you get to see your teachers, and that’s pretty cool,” Reif said.

It was a much-needed boost for kids and parents who are a little tired of staying at home.

“We are doing great. We are bored but make the most of it,” Reif’s father, Dantes Castellanos, said.

More than 60 teachers from the Suwanee-area school lined up in a caravan with messages on their windows and love in their hearts as they went from neighborhood to neighborhood for more than two hours.

“Just seeing the smiles on their faces is making my day and I hope it’s making theirs,” pre-K teacher Lori Forrand said.

It's not just Roberts that's doing this. Teachers in several Gwinnett elementary schools are forming caravans.

Social distancing was kind of lost at times as both parents and children got a little excited.

We’ve heard from a handful of other schools that have caravans planned for Thursday as this long unexpected break continues.

Families wave to teachers caravaning through their neighborhood in Gwinnett County.
Families wave to teachers caravaning through their neighborhood in Gwinnett County. (WSB-TV)