President Donald Trump deems places of worship ‘essential’ during coronavirus pandemic

President Donald Trump announced he is deeming places of worship “essential” during the coronavirus pandemic, meaning churches are now allowed to reopen.

Many local churches delivered services online or facilitated drive-in style services with worshippers parked in their cars.

Trump urged houses of prayer to reopen as early as this weekend.

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He said he is upset that some states have told liquor stores they could stay open, but told churches they needed to close.

The president said he needed to step in and fix it.

“The people are demanding to go to church and synagogue. Go to the mosque. Many millions of Americans embrace worship as an essential part of life. The ministers, pastors, rabbis and imams and other faith leaders will make sure that their congregations are safe as they gather and pray,” Trump said.

Plans have been put in place for different houses of worship, but even with the president’s announcement, some faith leaders are holding off. Some worship centers have said they’ll continue online or drive-in services for the time being, while others are asking constituents to wear masks to in-person services.