Must see reunion: 10-year-old boy reunites with his missing dog

FILE PHOTO: A boy and his dog have been reunited after the dog ran away two months ago.

POLK COUNTY, Fla. — A dog that had been missing for 2 months is finally home, much to the joy of his 10-year-old owner.

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Bruiser had gone missing from his Polk County, Florida, home on Jan. 4. The Highlands County Sheriff said Bruiser ran off while chasing a rabbit.

The Bandy family tried leaving a towel outside to help coax him back home, the sheriff’s office said, but nothing worked.

Jamie Bandy told Storyful that he and his family were starting to come to the realization that they would never see their beloved pit bull ever again, Yahoo News reported.

Eventually, Bruiser was taken to the county’s animal services department, where one of the employees realized the dog looked familiar. Some Facebook sleuthing and the dog’s family was found, the sheriff’s office said.

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But two months to the day that Bruiser went missing, the family got a call from Highlands County Animal Control telling them that Bruiser had been found.

Bandy then surprised his 10-year-old son Tyler Bandy with the reunion that was months in the making.

Click here to see their tearful reunion or watch the moment below.

Here is a special treat to send you into the weekend crying some happy tears: A couple of months ago, a family who lives near Fort Meade lost their dog after he ran off chasing a rabbit. Despite making all efforts to find him – Facebook posts, calling Animal Control and Animal Services, leaving a towel outside so he may catch the scent, etc. – they could not find him. Two months to the day after he was lost, they had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing their dog again. That’s when the phone rang. Turns out their dog had been picked up by somebody on their way to Highlands County and, after a couple of months, it wound up in the hands of our Animal Services folks. Teri Dosil at Animal Services thought the dog looked familiar and started digging through Facebook posts. Sure enough, it was the same dog. His name is Bruiser. To say Bruiser had a joyous homecoming would be putting it lightly. Tyler, who is 10, was simply overcome when his parents surprised him with his best friend. The two have been inseparable since then.

Posted by Highlands County Sheriff's Office on Friday, March 12, 2021