Matchbox introduces EV designs to lineup

Electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace, with charging stations popping up in local grocery stores and shopping centers.

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Meanwhile, the toys we played with as kids, and maybe as adults, are now reflecting changes in automotive technology.

Mattel, the parent company of Matchbox, is rolling out a Tesla Roadster and with the electric vehicle, the company is adding a charging station to upcoming gas-station playsets.

The cars themselves are going green by using 99% recycled materials — including recycled zinc and plastic. The only thing not recycled will be stainless steel used on the toy’s axles, CNet reported.

Even the packaging for the toy will be greener than it is currently, with some of the containers able to be recycled or composted. Playsets may have electronics that will be made into one removable model.

The new die-cast Tesla Roadster will be available starting next year.

Mattel and Matchbox plan to have all of the plastic used being 100% recyclable by 2030.