Man arrested after returning stolen truck because he felt bad

Man arrested after returning stolen truck because he felt bad
Bryce Jerald Dixon (Photo: Salt Lake County)

A Utah man was arrested after allegedly stealing a truck and getting caught while returning it.

Bryce Jerald Dixon is accused of stealing a red pickup truck that was parked outside of a 7-Eleven. The vehicle’s owner had left it unlocked with the keys inside while he shopped in the convenience store, KUTV reported Sunday.

Dixon told police he needed the truck to “get to the Colosseum to get on a flight with alien diplomats.”

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According to KUTV, Dixon was driving to his destination when he realized that he felt bad and decided to turn back and return the truck. The vehicle’s owner had already discovered the truck was gone and had reported it as stolen.

When Dixon arrived back at the 7-Eleven, the vehicle’s owner allegedly punched Dixon, who then fled on foot.

Officers who were called to the scene found Dixon and arrested him.

He was taken to a hospital to receive care for the punch to the face.

While at the hospital, Dixon attempted to escape officers three times, officials said. He told police “aliens needed him to get to the Colosseum,” KUTV reported.

Ultimately, Dixon was booked into the Utah County Jail on charges of suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle and three counts of attempted escape.