‘Little Rascals’ Alfalfa star arrested for inhaling air duster cans

WEATHERSFORD, Texas — Bug Hall, also known as Brandon Barnett, was arrested in Weatherford, Texas after police discovered the 35-year-old in a hotel room surrounded by air duster cans.

Police were dispatched after a call came in to EMS that the actor had been seen huffing air cans around a hotel dumpster, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Police arrived to find Hall-Barnett in a hotel room surrounded by air duster cans, according to Page Six.

He was arrested and transported to the Parker County jail. Hall-Barnett was booked and spent one night in jail before being released Sunday.

Hall-Barnett is known for the lead role as Alfalfa in the 1994 movie “Little Rascals” based on the 1955 syndicated TV series of the same name.