Kid calls police to tell them how cool his toys are

Every kid thinks his or her toys are cool but one child in New Zealand has had his collection police-certified.

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The 4-year-old boy recently called his local emergency number.

During the call, the child said “Um, can I tell you something?” The Associated Press reported.

After getting an assurance that he could, told the dispatcher, “I’ve got some toys for you.”

He then invited the police to see them.

Eventually, a man got on the phone and told the dispatcher that the call was a mistake and that the boy snuck out while he was helping with the boy’s sick mother, the AP reported.

The dispatcher called out to officers, however, giving the boy’s address and telling them, “There’s a 4-year-old there who is wanting to show police his toys.”

Constable Kurt answered the call and was shown by the child all of his toys.

Child calls 111

While we don’t encourage children to call 111 to show us their toys, this was too cute not to share 🧸 🤖 Constable Kurt from Southern District Police responded by arriving at the child’s house and was shown an array of toys. He also had a good educational chat with the child and his parents about only using 111 for emergencies 🚨

Posted by New Zealand Police on Thursday, October 14, 2021

The officer and the child had a sit-down, discussing when emergency calls should be made, the AP reported.

But Constable Kurt did make one declaration, “He did have cool toys.”

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He also allowed the child to see the patrol car with the lights ablaze, police said on Facebook, CNN reported.