‘I was terrified’: Colorado woman surprised by corn snake in toilet

Colorado woman surprised by corn snake in toilet

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — It’s not the way you want to start your day.

A Colorado woman using the bathroom found a snake poking its head out of the toilet last week.

“It’s actually been one of my fears since I was a kid,” Miranda Stewart, of Fort Collins, told KDVR.

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On July 29, Stewart got out of bed and went to the bathroom in her apartment. When she went to flush, she was greeted by a scary sight.

“I used the restroom, like went to flush and everything and it wasn’t going down,” Stewart told KDVR. “I looked and leaned in closer and a snake head slithered up. I was terrified.”

Stewart said she screamed for her boyfriend and then called the maintenance worker for the Varsity Apartments, the television station reported.

Wesley Sanford said he found the 4-foot snake, but it was coiled up, forcing him to take the toilet apart. It took 40 minutes, but the maintenance man was able to free the reptile.

Stewart is not sure how the snake got into her toilet.

“We’re thinking it was a possible pet from one of the tenants from our apartment complex,” Stewart told KDVR. “If the snake got in their toilet and slithered to ours.”

Sanford said he decided to adopt the snake and take it to his ranch.

“I took him home and my wife was very happy with me and we named him Boots,” Sanford told KDVR. “He’s our little guard snake on the property.”

Stewart is just glad the snake is out of her apartment, but her fears remain.

“Now I’m just traumatized by a toilet,” she told the television station.