Group of friends help shovel snow to help neighbors in need

MILLVILLE, Mass. — A group of friends have banded together to help shovel sidewalks and driveways for their neighbors in need.

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The “Bazeley Boyz,” a group of 11-to-14-year olds who live on or near Bazeley Avenue, started shoveling for the older neighbors who were unable to after the first snow fell several weeks ago, WJAR reported.

“It snows, then we all get together,” said 12-year-old Joel Charrette. “We all like coming outside every day anyway, so why not help?”

Now, after each snowfall they take to the streets.

“It used to take forever to shovel out one driveway — now we’re doing three driveways in one hour,” 12-year-old Evan Lavallee said. “So far we’ve done more than 30.”

The group, which also includes an 11-year-old girl, do it for free.

“We enjoy shoveling. We are doing it because we want to help out the elders and neighbors,” 11-year-old Garrett Poznanski said. “It’s completely free but tips are appreciated. The other money we usually use to buy supplies like ice melt, shovels, maybe stuff for our fort.”

The group built a treehouse last spring. However, someone destroyed it. The group was upset but determined to rebuild it. Their parents, neighbors and others in the community have helped them start to put it back together with a goal of finishing it this spring.

Until then, they will be shoveling snow for those in need.

“It feels good to just help out around the neighborhood,” Evan said.