Coronavirus: Teen with COVID-19 symptoms dies in self-isolation following negative test results

CLAREMONT, Calif. — After weeks of experiencing suspected COVID-19 symptoms, a 13-year-old Claremont, California, boy died suddenly on Thursday in self-isolation, despite receiving a negative test result for the novel coronavirus.

The parents of Maxx Cheng told KABC that he began experiencing symptoms of a COVID-19 infection on July 4, but the test results were negative.

“His symptoms matched, but then the test came out negative, so we were a little bit confused,” Charlotte Cheng, his sister, told KCAL.

Despite the negative test results, Maxx Cheng continued self-isolating in his room because, while improved, his symptoms of nausea, vomiting and chest pains persisted, People reported.

Charlotte Cheng told KCAL that her brother’s cough slowed, his breathing improved and his fever broke three days before he died.

“We went to go check up on him, like we normally do. He wasn’t answering. We found him passed out in the room,” she told the TV station.

A coroner is currently working on an autopsy report to determine Maxx Cheng’s cause of death and is running additional tests to determine if his death was caused by the virus, People reported.