Coronavirus: Alabama high school principal’s ‘Can’t Touch This’ parody video goes viral

As schools nationwide grapple with safety concerns surrounding the potential reopening of public schools for the fall semester amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, one Alabama high school principal isn’t letting the will-they-or-won’t-they questions keep him down.

Childersburg High School Principal Quentin Lee told Alabama NewsCenter he spent about 15 minutes firing off the lyrics to a COVID-19-themed parody of MC Hammer’s 1990 hit, “Can’t Touch This.” Within 24 hours he and a small army of volunteers had crafted an accompanying video that has since gone viral.

“We are working tirelessly to make sure school is a place where students can be accepted, loved, and clean,” Lee told the news site. “Everybody needs love, regardless of political party or ethnic background. If we can allow people to laugh and forget about their problems, then we’ve accomplished the goal.”

In turn, Lee raps and dances through the video reminding students to wash their hands, social distance, wear their masks and use general common sense to prevent the spread of the virus. At one point in the video, he even pops out from behind a snack machine with a can of Lysol in hand, reported.

“Doing silly stuff is something I really enjoy,” Lee told Alabama NewsCenter, noting this is not his first brush with YouTube fame.

“I released a song in May about my feelings toward COVID, and it was just me sitting at my desk screaming. It made national media, and I figured it was time to do something different.”

Lee’s parody “Can’t Touch This” video had been viewed more than 420,000 times by Sunday night.

Watch the full video below.